The National Company For Telecommunication Services (NCTS)

The National Company for Telecommunication Services “NCTS” is an Egyptian joint stock company, established in 2019. It is affiliated with the National Service Projects Organization, and was established with the aim of strengthening the infrastructure of communications services, and information systems throughout the Egyptian territory; especially the areas deprived from these services, or the areas where the services reach an improper level. The company’s main target is to provide telecommunications services of all kinds; using the commercial load of the Tiba-1 satellite, in addition to all wired, wireless and microwave telecommunications activities.

The National Company for Telecommunication Services “NCTS” is the first company in Egypt and North Africa that provides telecommunication services via the Egyptian Telecom Tiba-1 satellite to all subscribers’ sectors, in addition to contributing to the modernization and development of the infrastructure of the telecommunications’ system in Egypt, as it provides all types of wired and wireless communications, microwaves and telecommunication towers. It also specializes in developing, and updating information systems services, including digital transformation, and data centers.

Licenses Obtained by the Company:

The company obtained two licenses from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

  • Satellite operator license, and this license is exclusive to the National Company for telecommunication Services , as it is the one and only company in the Arab Republic of Egypt that can provide that kind of service with its own satellite.
  • Satellite service provider license using VSAT.

Our Vision

To be a leading company in providing the latest telecommunications’ services on the local and regional levels, keeping pace with development, and providing all the enhancements in the world of telecommunications and information technology.

Our Mission

Providing telecommunications’ services within the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa according to the global level, and keeping pace using all means of wired, wireless communication, satellites, and all the information technology capabilities for all users’ sectors

National Company For Telecomunication Services


The Egyptian satellite "Tiba-1 ."

The National Communications Services Company manages a basic infrastructure that was built on the latest global construction models, and the company seeks to obtain licenses from international organizations for the standard standards of this infrastructure....


ground stations.

The satellite is controlled by ground stations established inside Egyptian territory. The company provides telecommunications services via satellite through 2 ground stations (the main in the Hikestep and the interchange in Qena).


Data centers and hosting

The National Communications Services Company allows the buildings established for its ground stations to host the servers of international and local companies, and to provide messaging and access to them through terrestrial networks, microwave networks, and the “Tiba-1” satellite network.


Optical fiber and cable

The National Communications Services Company provides interconnection services on terrestrial networks through existing fiber-optic cables. The company seeks to forge alliances with international cable manufacturers to establish infrastructure and transmission capacities for fiber cables between the network of towers to be established.


Telecommunication devices and equipment

The National Communications Services Company, through its strategic alliances with major manufacturers of communications equipment at the global level, provides technical modifications to the systems to be compatible with the communications system to be established in order to provide the integrated system to the end user.