The Company’s Activities

In the field of communication and infrastructure:

  • Commercial share for the satellite (Tiba-1)
    The company is entrusted with operating the commercial load through managing, and installing the land sector, as well as marketing the transmission capacities available through it..
  • Hosting services for access gates for companies that have a license to provide Vsat services and telecom service companies via low orbit satellites.
  • Communication through Microwave Networks
    • Egypt Railways Authority Microwave Network Modernization Project
    • Point-to-point connections and networks
  • Construction of communication towers and renting them to mobile companies and any subscribers who have demands
  • Participation in the improvement of the communications infrastructure
    • Optical fiber networks and cables
    • Networks within closed areas (compounds)
    • Networks within closed areas (compounds)
  • In the field of information technology:

  • The information and communication technology industry; including industrial activities, electronic design and development, data centers, outsourcing activities, software development, and technological education.
  • Providing SAP digital transformation services.
  • Providing E-learning services
  • Establishing a Tier III smart data center; providing hosting services, renting hardware, and software.
  • Technology business incubators, and entrepreneurship support.
  • Activities related to converting traditional content from sound, image, and data to digital content; including digitizing scientific, cultural and artistic content.
  • Establishing voice, image, data transmission networks, and providing value-added services.